Brooklyn: Photographs Now

Brooklyn: Photographs Now
Edited by Marla Hamburg Kennedy
Co Editor John Fitzgerald
Introduction by Phillip Lopate
Publication Release Date: by Rizzoli Pub., Spring 2018
Large format clothbound hardcover
9.25 x 9.5 inches containing 275 total photographs
Introduction by prominent Brooklyn literary and cultural figure
World Rights
Design by: Matsumoto Incorporated

The first such book of its kind, Brooklyn Now will showcase images from the last decade from both well known and lesser known contemporary art photographers a rich and variatated view of this expanding place. Conceived of as a contemporary photography tone this lavishly published book invites the reader to discover the breadth of the borough of Brooklyn - its expansion through gentrification, its history neighborhoods, its many ethnic, religious and demographic people from reportage style to abstraction, graffiti, architecture and most important to convey the “attitude” and vibe that has become Brooklyn in the last two decades, surpassing Manhattan in cultural influence.